Hi!  Mom finally left the computer long enough so I can update everyone on the Monkeypoo in my house.  Look at her favorite toy and tell me she’s not related to Monkeybutt:

Zuzu's Monkey

And… take note on what she did to it… she made it a tripawd!  (that’s the tail – not a leg).  And… the leg she removed was the right rear leg – same as me.  Do you think she did that because she loves me?  Or what???  Anyway the monkey toy screeches whenever someone throws it, or when Zuzu drops it so I really don’t like it much – way too noisy.  I prefer my squeak toys which are much more pleasant sounding.  OK… and just to be sure no one thinks she’s favoring rear leg tripawds, look what she did to her bear:

Another tripawd toy.  Coincidence?  I think not!!! AMBF agents please report to duty ASAP!!!  I’m sending out an APB!!  Or whatever I need to send out!!

Mom will tell you that we’re getting along great, but when her back is turned you should see the stuff Monkeypoo tries!  I think I need some AMBF reinforcements here please!  Just look at her… she’s like twice my size now!!!

Anwyay, other than living with a Monkeypoo life is pretty good for me.  I love it when Mom takes me for a walk, which is most days.  And I’ve been busy on squirrel patrol lately – they have suddenly invaded my yard again!  I guess that’s one thing Monkeypoo is good for – she helps me chase the squirrels away.  Between the two of us we can clear the yard much faster than I could on my own.  And I get plenty of treats cuz Mom’s still trying to train her – so no complaints about that either.

Still Holly Jolly By Golly!