Holly’s Sprints

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on Holly’s blog.  She is doing great!  I keep telling her that’s why I call her Jolly Holly (or Holly Jolly by Golly) – she’s just a happy girl these days!  Which of course makes me really happy.  We visited my parents over Labor Day in the mountains of North Carolina.  In the evening we took Holly for a walk on the golf course – it was the first time she’d been off leash since we pawtied with Jerry and she was sooooo excited!  She ran up one fairway and down another.  Which we thought was plenty of exercise for our little girl.  But while Mom and I were waiting for Dad and Dave, she decided to show us!  She started running her Wheaten circles – she looked like a crazy girl!  She ended by sprinting through the sand trap, which Mom thought was ok since she’s so special.  (apologies to all the golfers out there!)  We thought the tripawd prints through the sand were cute – I should have taken a picture but was so caught up with the joyous dog that I didn’t think of that!

Now that the weather’s cooled down here we’re taking longer walks again, too.  It makes Holly so happy to be back to the old drill of checking out the neighborhood.  She has her favorite routes, and usually lets me know which one is on her agenda each day.  She and Zuzu walk really well together, which is a beautiful thing! 🙂

Holly’s still doing metronomics, but I’m not sure we’ll continue after this round.  Zuzu likes to eat Holly’s poop, and while I think I am very good about picking up after Holly she sometimes manages to be covert and Zuzu inevitably gets sick.  Anyone have any great ideas for teaching Zuzu not to eat Holly’s poop?  I scold her if I catch her, but she usually just swallows it as fast as she can before I can get to her.  (I know – ewwwww!)

Well… time to make the rounds of the neighborhood!  Sending lots of hugs to all of our tripawd friends out there!