Holly’s Sprints

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on Holly’s blog.  She is doing great!  I keep telling her that’s why I call her Jolly Holly (or Holly Jolly by Golly) – she’s just a happy girl these days!  Which of course makes me really happy.  We visited my parents over Labor Day in the mountains of North Carolina.  In the evening we took Holly for a walk on the golf course – it was the first time she’d been off leash since we pawtied with Jerry and she was sooooo excited!  She ran up one fairway and down another.  Which we thought was plenty of exercise for our little girl.  But while Mom and I were waiting for Dad and Dave, she decided to show us!  She started running her Wheaten circles – she looked like a crazy girl!  She ended by sprinting through the sand trap, which Mom thought was ok since she’s so special.  (apologies to all the golfers out there!)  We thought the tripawd prints through the sand were cute – I should have taken a picture but was so caught up with the joyous dog that I didn’t think of that!

Now that the weather’s cooled down here we’re taking longer walks again, too.  It makes Holly so happy to be back to the old drill of checking out the neighborhood.  She has her favorite routes, and usually lets me know which one is on her agenda each day.  She and Zuzu walk really well together, which is a beautiful thing! 🙂

Holly’s still doing metronomics, but I’m not sure we’ll continue after this round.  Zuzu likes to eat Holly’s poop, and while I think I am very good about picking up after Holly she sometimes manages to be covert and Zuzu inevitably gets sick.  Anyone have any great ideas for teaching Zuzu not to eat Holly’s poop?  I scold her if I catch her, but she usually just swallows it as fast as she can before I can get to her.  (I know – ewwwww!)

Well… time to make the rounds of the neighborhood!  Sending lots of hugs to all of our tripawd friends out there!

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  1. So great that you are doing so well Holly! Nice for your Mom to post on your blog and update!!! 😉

    WOW! You and me, we got that golf course thing in common! My mom brings me to the golf course in the Spring and Fall after those stupid golfer’s are done for the year.. I, too, LOVE to be crazy and run around on the course! Although, I’ve never tried the sand trap…hmmmm..

    Don’t have any suggestions on the poop eating being done by Zuzu…sorry! Ewwwww!


  2. Glad Holly is doing so well!!! Sorry to hear Zuzu gets sick because she eats Holly’s poop. Chloe used to eat our cat’s poop from the litterbox, but he is mostly outside and hardly uses it anymore.

    I know that with Chloe still likes to eat nasty things from the bathroom trash can. I was looking into methods for that and I guess there are some spicy sprays you can use to spray the stuff/area you don’t want them to eat. I too try to scold Chloe when I see her, but she just guilty tries to hide it.

    I will be looking into products to use when I go to the pet store today and I will let you know if I find anything. Otherwise you can look online or maybe find something you can make yourself! Apparently the trick is to “bait them”. You put out their desired “gross thing” and slather it in the spicy/nasty spray and see if that will deter them. Plus scolding them like making a loud banging noise paired with the spicy taste (bang on a pot) might help. Chloe is afraid of loud banging noise so I will try that with her.

    Good Luck!

    -Chloe’s mom

  3. wow, holly you were in north carolina over labor day??? you should have stopped by here in knoxville…geesh…. glad you are enjoying the golf course…your way beats carrying all those clubs around. no suggestions here about zuzu’s interesting habit…but then, i guess you don’t know until you try — no way!!!!


  4. That must have been a great sight seeing Holly doing her zooming – and on a golf course, no less! All that grass, all that room, how magnificent!! Catie used to zoom when she was a youngster; Riley does it on occasion. I so love(d) watching them do that!

    Glad to hear everything is going well. Except, ahem, about the poop-eating thing Zulu’s got going on. Every once in a while, when everything in the park is frozen, Catie will decide on a whim to scarf down a wayward poopsicle left behind by some indifferent dog guardian. BEYOND gross, especially considering how much Catie likes to lick us all. Gag. Shudder.

    Don’t have an answer for sneaky Zulu. If you find a sure cure, let us know. 🙂

    Thanks for the update!

  5. Hi Holly!

    I read your entire blog. WOW! You are doing so well.
    Like you, I am a little dog and the vet was surprised that I had osteosarcoma in my left front leg. I only weigh 8.5 pounds (9+ pounds when I still had my front leg). They said osteosarcoma is usually a “big dog” disease. I am doing chemo now and my WBC counts drop a LOT about 2 weeks after my treatment. I have to take antibiotics. And I don’t feel like eating. Sometimes I’ll eat and then sometimes I won’t.

    Glad to hear that you are starting to like Zuzu. Since she is part POODLE, I am sure that I would like her a lot! I love to swim too!

    James the Poodle

  6. ♫ Oh! Monkeypoo Zuzu! Oh! Monkeypoo Zuzu!

    ♪ You like to eat poo and your mama should beat you!

    ♫ (Chorus) Oh! Monkeypoo Zuzu! Oh! Monkeypoo Zuzu!

    ♪ Since you like poo… Oh! Oh! Oh! Just wait until you get it with Tabasc-o -oh -oh – oh!

    ♫ (Chorus) Oh! Monkeypoo Zuzu Oh! Monkeypoo Zuzu!

    ♪ You like to eat poo and you have monkey breath, too!

    ♫ (Chorus) Oh! Monkeypoo Zuzu Oh! Monkeypoo Zuzu! ♫

    You are welcome J. Holly BG! Tell me how poopie breath likes her poo and hot sauce!

    – Coooooool Cat Comet

  7. HAHAHA Oh Comet you never cease to amaze me…

    As for hot sauce, sounds like a good idea!! Habanero is supposed to be the hottest, so if you can get anything with that in it, GO FOR IT!!!

    I might lace some used tissues with hot sauce for Chloe…

    -Chloe’s mom

  8. Oh Comet. This deserves more than an LOL – this was LAUGH OUT LOUD UNTIL YOU HAVE A STOMACH ACHE funny.

    Monkeypoo Zuzu.

    Oh my.

  9. Hey Holly, I’m glad you are doing so well. Fantastic.
    My guess on the poop would be either Holly has some really sweet tasting poop (maybe because she is not completely digesting her food) and thus hungry Zulu thinks it’s a snack or possibly Zulu has a vitamin or mineral deficiency or both! Did she do this before Holly became sick? If not, that may be your answer as to why.
    Send Zulu our way. He will get plenty tired of eating poop I promise you 🙂
    Comet your too much. As Carmen said, my stomach is aching!
    Keep up the great work Holly. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.
    Fortis and Dad

  10. That was tooo funny, Comet! I think we’ll start singing that to Zuzu all the time.

    Thanks for all the friendly posts!
    Holly, Zuzu, and Susan

    Psssst – Comet – Holly here. Zuzu is trying to impersonate you. She must have seen your avatar because she is always trying to make that same exact face. Do you think she and MB are in cahoots? I think we need to watch each other’s backs, girlfriend!

  11. Oh no! The impersonation trick! Thanks for the head’s up! Yes, there some monkey business going on!

    The monkeydogs will NOT take over! We must fight!
    But right now I need a cookie. I always think better on a full tummy.

    Comet – out

  12. Jolly Holly, thanks for the great update. Chloe’s Mom and Comet already suggested what I was gonna say. Douse those Holly logs with Tabasco sauce. I know, who woulda thought you would have to put something “nasty” on poop to make her stop eating it. I thought the poop would be nasty enough. Oh well. Sounds like you had a great time in NC. Keep on roughing up those sand traps. I’d love to see their faces when they try to figure out where the “missing” paw print is. Bwaaahaaaahaaaahaaa!

  13. Or CoproBan. Some say adding brussels sprouts or broccolli to JHBG’s diet can make it smell bad to Zuzu but I’m not sure how much worse chemo poo could possibly smell.

    Rachel (missing Spirit Major)

  14. I don’t know! I didn’t think I did anything! I’ll have to look up how I set it in the first place and redo that. Thanks for the heads up – I wouldn’t have looked at Holly’s blog!
    PS – she’ll be posting soon about how zuzu turned her favorite toy (a monkey!) into a tripawd. The nerve!

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