The elusive final chemo

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Hi Everypawdy!  Life has been good this week… Holly’s bloodwork was better than last week (her counts went from 540 to over 5000!).  She was scheduled to get her last chemo yesterday, but her veins wouldn’t cooperate because she was dehydrated.  It’s been hot here in Chicago, and we’ve been picking up the water in the early evening because of the puppy without thinking about how that could affect poor Holly.  So the vet gave her fluids yesterday, and today she’s enjoyed some salmon popcicles we made yesterday, and some frozen pb&yogurt treats (thanks, Comet!) so hopefully she’ll be good to get her final chemo tomorrow.  Her spirits have been good, except she’d like to erase the little intruder from our house.  She does a good job totally ignoring Zuzu – still really only shows her backside to the puppy!  And of course Zuzu is very excited about Holly.   So we’re working on harmony in our pack. 🙂  Holly now allows Zuzu to nap within a few feet of her – so we’re making progress!

Harmonious Living with 2 Dogs?

Holly Jolly By Golly!

Grandparents were visiting over the weekend, which was awesome for Holly since Grandma (who is not a dog person) loves Holly and made sure to give her plenty of pets.

I’ll update again tomorrow night or Friday to let everyone know if Holly is done with chemo.  I’m hoping we’ll be celebrating the end of that soon!

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I have a new little sister!

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Hi Everypawdy!  Guess what?  I have a new little sister!  And I’ll tell you, she’s pretty cute even if I’m not letting my mom know that I think that.  She’s only somewhat annoying to me – like when she tries to play with the tags on my collar.  She jumps up and tries to grab them – how annoying is that?  But as the big sister I know I need to stay patient and teach her how to be a good dog, so I haven’t growled at her or swatted her or anything.  My mom says I’m being so good and I’m getting lots of extra cheese for it! YAY – you all know how much I love cheese!  My new sister’s name is Isabella Wolfjaws but they’re calling her Zuzu.  As Opie would say – sheesh!  What kind of a name is that?  My other sisters really like to hike, and there are mountains my family climbed in the Adirondacks called Upper and Lower Wolfjaws – so they named her after that.  I guess I’m pretty lucky to be called Holly Jolly By Golly, huh?  I wonder why they didn’t name her after the mountain I climbed with them – Ampersand!  That would be way cooler, don’t you think?  Maybe someday they’ll take Zuzu and me to climb Wolfjaws, too – afterall Mackenzie has shown us all what an amazing hiker a tripawd can be!  So here’s some pictures of Zuzu.  My mom says it’s really hard to get pictures of the two of us together cuz either I move away too fast or Zuzu runs around too fast.  But she’ll post some more once we settle down together.

I think everypawdy should get some treats to celebrate Zuzu coming to our family!  Oh, and Zuzu is a mix of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle – so I know she’ll be pawsome since so many of my friends here are Goldens and of course there’s the ice cream loving Miss Cherry who was a poodle!

See what I mean – she’s trying to grab my tags in this picture!

See how she loves all my frisbees?

The intruder

As for me, I was supposed to get my 6th and final chemo yesterday.  But the vet decided to wait until next week since my white blood counts were low.  I could probably blame Zuzu but I didn’t meet her until Monday when they took my blood – so I don’t think even she could have made my blood look bad that quickly!  Mom was so surprised since I did pawsome after my last chemo.  Anyway, that all translates to even more treats for me since Mom feels bad about that.  And the vet put me on antibiotics just in case – which my mom wraps in cheese so you can guess how I feel about that!  This week has been pretty good to me so far…


Holly Jolly By Golly

Happy Spring!

My mom has been pathetic about posting the last few weeks, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and do my own post.  I’ve been so busy that it’s hard to know where to begin!  First, we went on a long, long ride and I ended up at a dog park with Gerry!  We had so much fun running around and watching the other dogs (he mostly did the running and I mostly did the watching).  HIS mom was quick about posting our adventure video; here are some pics that my mom took before her camera battery ran out.

We had a pawsome time!  And we really showed all the peeps there how cool tripawds can be!

Friday was a banner day – I got to play with my boyfriend Ernie in the morning while my mom and his mom were busy doing stuff.  And then I got to go play with my puppydog friends Murphy and Zeus while our moms gabbed.  I was all smiles all day!!

Today I walked in a walk to raise money for the Wellness House – it’s a place where people and their families can go for support when they have cancer.  I think I was the only tripawd!  And everyone loved me!  I wished I had a tripawd bandana to wear – I’m going to ask my mom to get one for me.  Some people didn’t even realize I didn’t have 4 legs.  And one little girl told her mom that my leg was broken – she was very cute.  After the walk my mom’s friends gave me some yogurt, which was almost as good as ice cream.  You all know how much I love ice cream!  But my mom wouldn’t let me finish all of it cuz she was worried about letting me have too much sugar.  Boy – I sure would have liked to lick that container clean!  But she promised me that she’d make me some of Comet’s frosty paws treats so I can’t wait for that!

I hope all my tripawd buddies had a great weekend!  Happy Spring!