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Happily living life on 3 legs


Happy Spring!

May 2nd, 2010 · 13 Comments · Uncategorized

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My mom has been pathetic about posting the last few weeks, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and do my own post.  I’ve been so busy that it’s hard to know where to begin!  First, we went on a long, long ride and I ended up at a dog park with Gerry!  We had so much fun running around and watching the other dogs (he mostly did the running and I mostly did the watching).  HIS mom was quick about posting our adventure video; here are some pics that my mom took before her camera battery ran out.

We had a pawsome time!  And we really showed all the peeps there how cool tripawds can be!

Friday was a banner day – I got to play with my boyfriend Ernie in the morning while my mom and his mom were busy doing stuff.  And then I got to go play with my puppydog friends Murphy and Zeus while our moms gabbed.  I was all smiles all day!!

Today I walked in a walk to raise money for the Wellness House – it’s a place where people and their families can go for support when they have cancer.  I think I was the only tripawd!  And everyone loved me!  I wished I had a tripawd bandana to wear – I’m going to ask my mom to get one for me.  Some people didn’t even realize I didn’t have 4 legs.  And one little girl told her mom that my leg was broken – she was very cute.  After the walk my mom’s friends gave me some yogurt, which was almost as good as ice cream.  You all know how much I love ice cream!  But my mom wouldn’t let me finish all of it cuz she was worried about letting me have too much sugar.  Boy – I sure would have liked to lick that container clean!  But she promised me that she’d make me some of Comet’s frosty paws treats so I can’t wait for that!

I hope all my tripawd buddies had a great weekend!  Happy Spring!

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  • etgayle

    great pictures, sounds like you should be worn out!!! yogurt is really great, i agree!!

  • LuvYourPets

    Well, it sure sounds like this WAS a banner day! Going on the walk to raise money for Wellness House, playing with friends, getting a yogurt treat! It’s good to hear when tripawds have so much fun. You do look happy in your pictures!

  • credocanis

    That looks like great fun and great weather on top of it all! You’re right, you can hardly tell that you only have three legs (but who cares anyway, right?).

    Let us know how those frosty paws treats turn out. We have some ice cream fans here, too!!

    Lincoln and his Mom

  • Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    What a great weekend you had, Holly, all that socializing and playing and extra adoration. You are pretty sweet.

    Catie wants me to tell you that although she likes yogurt, it’s still a pale second to ice cream.

  • admin

    No wonder you haven’t posted, Holly… you’ve been busy!!! 🙂

  • GerrysMom

    Well, no wonder Gerry’s fishy cologne didn’t work on her. Holly already HAS a boyfriend!

  • anyemery

    Oh Gerry – you’re my boyfriend, too! Your fish cologne was IRRESISTIBLE!
    Always yours,

  • cometdog

    Hey – why are you getting all the “hotties” Holly!?? You know I love you, but you could share! We could double date, you know if you were willing to give up some of your boyfriends?!
    We could all go out for mom’s new ice cream concoction! I scream for ice cream!


    (P.S – I’ll admit you have a cuter booty than me!)

  • anyemery

    Hey, Comet! Of course I’d double date with you! In the winter we could both wear our pink coats, and in the summer we could wear our pink collars! You and Ernie would make a cute couple – he’s a yellow lab, you know – and I think his coloring would compliment yours. Would you be up for a blind date with Ernie?

    And I LOVED my mom’s new ice cream concoction – please tell your mom thanks for the idea! My mom mixed peanut butter with some water to thin it out a bit, then she mixed that with some plain yogurt and froze that in a small plastic container. I loved it! If you ever make it to Chicago I’m sure she’d make extras with whatever flavors you like best!

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    Jolly Holly – how special you are to walk to raise money for the Wellness Center. I bet everyone loved you! I still wonder if you really are a tripawd with the way you and Gerry run around the way you do. I’m beginning to think that maybe both of you are really tripawds in disguise?? Your secret’s safe with me…..
    P.S. I have a hottie brother that you and Cometdog might like (he’s not even 2 yet)…but if you’re interested, we might have to nickname you Cougardogs I and II :).

  • wyattraydawg

    Hey Holly, go to the next Tripawds pawty on the 30th, there will be a surprise waiting there for you!

    P.S. You are ADORABLE!!!

  • anyemery

    I LOVE surprises! Especially if they start with c-h-e-e-s-e! And you know Wisconsin is the cheese state, so last time I went up there my mom bought me my own little bag of cheese cubes. Yum! Now I will really need to bug my mom to take me to the pawty on the 30th!!!

    And Mackenzie – if your brother comes along then we can triple date! And I don’t know why, but my mom really guffawed when she read your new nicknames for us. Aren’t cougars cats? How can you have a cougardog??

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    Hi Jolly Holly,
    LOL!! I know it’s an oxymoron but let me explain -Cougardog is really code for older female dog chasin’ younger hottie male dog. You know kinda similar to those older human celebrity women (a cougar) chasin’ after younger human guys (a boy toy). Some examples include Demi Moore, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, etc., and have you ever watched Cougartown? It’s all the rage and the latest trend in dating…..:)

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