Silly Zuzu

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What on earth is my sister doing?  I wanted to be the queen of crazy poses, but today she did this:

And I may be jolly, but I don’t think I could get into that position.  Here’s how you’re supposed to lay down (unless of course you’re chillin’ to chopin):

Can someone please tell my silly sister Zuzu that?  Are dogs’ bodies supposed to be able to twist like that??

And guess what?  She’s not really bugging me anymore.  Do you think she’s trying to lull me into thinking she wants to be my friend?  I am still cautious around her – but now I’m keeping my tail at full mast even when she’s trying to give me kisses.  I am beginning to think that it’s nice to have another canine in the house – anything that goes wrong is always blamed on her and I am the angel!  AND – when my mom is trying to teach her something we BOTH get treats!  And I get one whether or not Zuzu does what my mom wants.  A pretty sweet deal, all in all.  Mom keeps calling me the big dog… which is pretty funny since Zuzu is now taller than I am.  But I think I still outweigh her. 🙂  It’s all those treats!

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Holly’s Jolly

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Today was Holly’s vet appointment to followup on her last chemo before starting metronomics.  Holly’s been a little off lately (I’m hoping it’s been mostly due to the heat).  She can’t walk very far without taking a rest.  The vet decided to do her next set of x-rays a few weeks early to be sure something hadn’t happened since she whimpered when he examined one of her front paws, and she yelped last night when someone was petting her.  But GOOD NEWS!  All of her films were clear – chest, pelvis, hips!  (The oncologist had said that since her tumor was at the head of her femur she wouldn’t be surprised to see the cancer reappear in her hip at some point.  So that’s why they were interested in her hips.)  So Holly’s Jolly and so are we!

Anyway, we are celebrating here with ice cream and cheese!  (Makes me wonder if I should try making cheese ice cream? nah – sounds too gross!)

And Zuzu is not bugging Holly as much lately – and Holly is beginning to enjoy seeing Zuzu.  Here they are today…

Holly is queen of her Costco pillow.  And Zuzu is slowly learning her manners. 🙂

Life is good.  Treats for all! 🙂

Chillin’ with Chopin

Holly loves it when her sisters play the piano.  Today was Chopin – and while she usually lies right near the piano and relaxes, for some reason she got herself into a funny position in my office and stayed there with her little crooked smile on her face.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Well maybe a thousand notes?

I’m not even sure how she got into this position – her butt was on one arm of the chair and her head was on the other.  And when I looked over at her she had her eyes mostly closed and with her little crooked smile she looked so relaxed that I had to take the risk that she wouldn’t move if I got up to get the camera.  Luckily, the music had her totally enthralled and she barely even noticed that I left the room!  She stayed in this position for the longest time, too!

And she’s teaching Zuzu the art of relaxing to piano music, as you can see.

They are getting along pretty well now – still not best friends but then again it takes awhile to become best buddies, right?  Zuzu doesn’t go totally ape over Holly anymore – she restrains herself and gives Holly kisses instead.  I think someone had commented that when a dog kisses the face of another dog it’s a sign of respect. I hope that’s true, since that would be a good sign here!  Holly now doesn’t always leave the room immediately when Zuzu enters – she will hang out for awhile now, especially if Zuzu is sleeping.  Holly still has never growled or snarled at Zuzu – she’s just too kindhearted to reprimand her new little sister!  I’m still hoping that with time they will become great friends!