Holly’s Jolly

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Today was Holly’s vet appointment to followup on her last chemo before starting metronomics.  Holly’s been a little off lately (I’m hoping it’s been mostly due to the heat).  She can’t walk very far without taking a rest.  The vet decided to do her next set of x-rays a few weeks early to be sure something hadn’t happened since she whimpered when he examined one of her front paws, and she yelped last night when someone was petting her.  But GOOD NEWS!  All of her films were clear – chest, pelvis, hips!  (The oncologist had said that since her tumor was at the head of her femur she wouldn’t be surprised to see the cancer reappear in her hip at some point.  So that’s why they were interested in her hips.)  So Holly’s Jolly and so are we!

Anyway, we are celebrating here with ice cream and cheese!  (Makes me wonder if I should try making cheese ice cream? nah – sounds too gross!)

And Zuzu is not bugging Holly as much lately – and Holly is beginning to enjoy seeing Zuzu.  Here they are today…

Holly is queen of her Costco pillow.  And Zuzu is slowly learning her manners. 🙂

Life is good.  Treats for all! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Holly’s Jolly”

  1. Yay Holly. The last few days have been heavy with sad news so it’s doubly lovely to hear some GOOD news!!

    Extra treats for Catie and Riley; throw an extra dab of ice cream for Holly and Zuzu – it was Catie’s 5-month ampuversary yesterday.

    (Oh, and we have a truckload of those Costco pillows in our house too!)

  2. If Nova can have beef trachea ice cream, you can have cheese ice cream.

    Excellent news- if Holly’s jolly, we all can be jolly. I know Tani will eat ice cream, well Tani will eat just about anything, and its HOT here so we will indulge. So much for our diets…

    Karen and the pug girls

  3. holly, great news about clear films!!! i love cheese as well, all cheese is good cheese (except toe cheese…yuch!!)


  4. Great news Holly!!!

    We shall have bar b qued chicken and mint chip ice cream in your honor… and some corn chips for Catie’s 5th ampuversary!!!

    This is all so exciting!!! WOOO HOOO!

    Way to go girls!

    Shelby, the P.P.

  5. Karen, you’re right! Maybe we will try cheese ice cream some day soon. And we’ll definitely have an extra scoop in Catie’s honor, too. And throw in a good nap (since Gayle tends to favor those, too). And bbq chicken – Shelby’s a genius! What a great combination – sounds like a pawty.

  6. Great news !

    We will celebrate with some ice cream tomorrow (since I’m the only one still awake at my house … Sophie is snoring – loudly)


  7. Yay Holly!!!! You are just the cutest…but your little sister may be just as cute!

    So happy about your x-rays being clear!!! wahoooo!!!!!!!!


    Maggie here, Holly – I would LOVE that cheese ice cream! I don’t think that sounds bad at all! New flavor I’d be willin’ to try out!


  8. Well, well, well Holly J.

    I am so glad to see that ‘you know who that rhymes with with Zu and Do’ hasn’t taken over you comfy big bed!
    But let me tell you something – you are going to freak out…Do-Do wrote a post all by herself!!!!!!!
    I couldn’t stop her – it was too late. I’m ignoring it because I know you would want me to! I got your back, my friend!

    You just keep getting well and I’ll plot on my end what to do with Do-Do.
    Comet – you know, the cool cat one

  9. Fantastic Jolly Holly!!! We really needed to hear some good news around here like Carmen said. Ice cream and cheese – now that sounds like a great way to celebrate. I know Mackenzie and Kobe will love that!

    I see that you are queen of your pillow (Mackenzie has the same one – luckily your sister’s a girl – you don’t want to know what Kobe tries to do to her pillow 🙂 Enjoy your celebration!!

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