Chillin’ with Chopin

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Holly loves it when her sisters play the piano.  Today was Chopin – and while she usually lies right near the piano and relaxes, for some reason she got herself into a funny position in my office and stayed there with her little crooked smile on her face.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Well maybe a thousand notes?

I’m not even sure how she got into this position – her butt was on one arm of the chair and her head was on the other.  And when I looked over at her she had her eyes mostly closed and with her little crooked smile she looked so relaxed that I had to take the risk that she wouldn’t move if I got up to get the camera.  Luckily, the music had her totally enthralled and she barely even noticed that I left the room!  She stayed in this position for the longest time, too!

And she’s teaching Zuzu the art of relaxing to piano music, as you can see.

They are getting along pretty well now – still not best friends but then again it takes awhile to become best buddies, right?  Zuzu doesn’t go totally ape over Holly anymore – she restrains herself and gives Holly kisses instead.  I think someone had commented that when a dog kisses the face of another dog it’s a sign of respect. I hope that’s true, since that would be a good sign here!  Holly now doesn’t always leave the room immediately when Zuzu enters – she will hang out for awhile now, especially if Zuzu is sleeping.  Holly still has never growled or snarled at Zuzu – she’s just too kindhearted to reprimand her new little sister!  I’m still hoping that with time they will become great friends!

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14 thoughts on “Chillin’ with Chopin”

  1. Holly, HOW did you get into that position?! 🙂 Is that perhaps a Doga pose??

    Too cute!

    It took Catie a long, long time before she finally resigned herself to Riley’s permanence in the household.

    Zuzu is adorable.

    Carmen, Catie and Riley

  2. What a sweet picture!

    It just takes some time and they’ll be running buddies.

    It took about 6 months for Penny to get used to the idea that Shelby was her new little sister. Penny had to give her a couple of Border Collie/big sister nips in the beginning, but all has settled down.

    Great looking dogs!

  3. Greats Pic Holly!! I loves layin in the chair in funny psitions too! I love to hear Chopin!! Also dicin and mincin, cause it usually means dinners is ready… Keep up the great work with that yoga!!!

    Luvs, Rosie

  4. Hmmmm… if kisses are a sign of respect for dogs, what in the world does it mean that Gerry and Biggie (roommate’s dog) lick all the way to each other’s back teeth??

    Wow, what a photo! Definitely keep your eyes and ears open for pet photo contests because that one will place if not win!

  5. Oh my gosh that is priceless!!! She just looks so totally relaxed!

    Way to go Holly!

  6. There’s something about music and animals… They just love it!! My doggies always would lie next to me whenever I’d play guitar and sing… They were always my best audience!

    Love the chair pose Holly!!! 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  7. Now THAT is one relaxed dog !! I think you could name a new yoga pose – perhaps the “Dog Embedded in Chair” 🙂 Nice one, Holly. If you can teach that to ZuZu – she might never bother you again !! (of course, she might never be able to get out of the chair !)

  8. great pictures. there is no better audience than dogs and kitties. when i practice my banjo, they always sit and polite, even when there are sour notes… music is the eternal equalizer.


  9. OMD – That is the cutest picture ever!! You should submit that to a pet photo contest – I bet Holly would win first prize! It does look like she’s in a yoga position – or rather doga position like Carmen said. 🙂 So cute!

    That’s so sweet that ZuZu gives Holly kisses…Kobe does that all the time to Mackenzie. I think it was Jerry who said that it’s a sign of respect. Mackenzie snapped at Kobe a few times when he was a puppy – she really put him in his place. Poor Kobe, he was just trying to have some fun with her. It’s interesting to watch the dynamics of pet siblings as they adjust to each other. But it sounds like ZuZu already knows who’s the boss. 🙂

  10. My doggies always would lie next to me whenever I’d play guitar…

    LOL. Jerry would cower whenever Rene picked up her guitar. But then, she couldn’t really play. 😉

  11. Hey Holly J,
    I think admin is in cahoots with MB! I haven’t been getting blog feeds updated!
    By the looks of things it sounds like you need some help from the A.M.B.F.! Escaping to an uncomfortable chair is the first sign! You can’t even enjoy your mellow music comfortably!
    Poor girl. You know I know your pain!

    That pic of you is just wrong! Pawrents can be cruel! Puppies are evil and they still want us to co-mingle with them!

    I say this is a job for the Anti-MonkeyButt Force! Adding to my list – “You know who that ends with Zu”.

    Comet, as in Cool Cat

  12. Jolly Holly, how on earth did you get in that position? Maybe you were just trying to get away from ZuZu. I envy you with the classical music you get to listen to. My pawrents don’t play anything with any “culture.” But at least I don’t have any Monkey Butt siblings.

  13. OMD. Holly. Opie used to get into the craziest positions too. You must be double jointed. Try not to let Zuzu get to you too much. You know pups, they just have no manners. Maybe Monkeybutt and Zuzu could have a play date, if only you lived closer! Opie’s mom

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