Tripawds Rule!

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Yesterday was Gerry’s tripawds pawty in Madison, and it was a blast!  But… my mom left her camera in the car.  At least she remembered to charge it this time!  So we have some pics from when we were saying goodbye in the parking lot.  You’ll won’t see everyone who made it, since there were lots of spirit tripawds with us having fun!

We all wore tripawds rule bandanas and we rocked!  All sorts of other dogs wanted to play with us.  Zuzu got pretty tired by the end of the pawty.  Not me!  (As an older woman I know how to conserve my energy… ha ha ha)  Here’s Gerry modeling the cool bandana, and Gerry’s roomie Biggie:

And here’s Gerry and Toby (Hopalong Harley’s brother):

And here I am with Zuzu:

It was lots of fun to see Gerry, and to meet Biggie and Toby.  We just missed GI Jack, the tripawd from Iraq.  Bummer!

After the pawty, my mom and sister went to get some ice cream.  They got me some cheese!  My favorite!  And it’s from Wisconsin – so now I know why my mom always tells me I should have been born in WI – they make the best cheese there! 🙂  I shared a little, little bit with Zuzu.  She is my sister, afterall.  I sure was Jolly Holly yesterday!

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Dog Days

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Hey – tomorrow is Gerry’s pawty in WI and my mom says we can go!  I am so excited to see Gerry again.  And hopefully get some good Wisconsin cheese.  And maybe even some ice cream!!  I can’t wait!

So it’s been pretty hot here in the midwest… although my cousin says it’s even hotter in NY.  She’s a golden so she can escape the heat by swimming, though.  We’ve been hanging on the front porch enjoying the shade and the breeze.

Mom’s been taking me for a short walk in the morning.  It’s been too hot to walk at lunchtime, when we usually walk.  Tomorrow is supposed to be perfect, though – not too hot for Gerry’s pawty!

We went to a friend’s house a few weeks ago.  Zuzu swam all day, and I worried about her all day.  Why did she have to swim out so far?  I kept running up and down along the shore to be sure I could see her.

When she got close to shore I really gave her a tongue lashing!

In this picture I think she’s trying to look like Maggie the Agile Cow Dog – look at those ears!!  This is why I call her silly Zuzu!

I even went swimming – a little bit anyway.  I waded in up to my belly twice.  And jumped in once, but mom says I shouldn’t have done that without a floatie.  Someone pulled me out right away – boy, they didn’t think I could swim!  Sheesh!

And finally, my favorite picture of Zuzu.  I LOVE it when she looks like this!!! 🙂