Tripawds Rule!

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Yesterday was Gerry’s tripawds pawty in Madison, and it was a blast!  But… my mom left her camera in the car.  At least she remembered to charge it this time!  So we have some pics from when we were saying goodbye in the parking lot.  You’ll won’t see everyone who made it, since there were lots of spirit tripawds with us having fun!

We all wore tripawds rule bandanas and we rocked!  All sorts of other dogs wanted to play with us.  Zuzu got pretty tired by the end of the pawty.  Not me!  (As an older woman I know how to conserve my energy… ha ha ha)  Here’s Gerry modeling the cool bandana, and Gerry’s roomie Biggie:

And here’s Gerry and Toby (Hopalong Harley’s brother):

And here I am with Zuzu:

It was lots of fun to see Gerry, and to meet Biggie and Toby.  We just missed GI Jack, the tripawd from Iraq.  Bummer!

After the pawty, my mom and sister went to get some ice cream.  They got me some cheese!  My favorite!  And it’s from Wisconsin – so now I know why my mom always tells me I should have been born in WI – they make the best cheese there! 🙂  I shared a little, little bit with Zuzu.  She is my sister, afterall.  I sure was Jolly Holly yesterday!

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13 thoughts on “Tripawds Rule!”

  1. sounds like a perfect day, especially when you top it off with cheese!! thanks for sharing your pictures!!

    gayle & charon

  2. What great pictures of the tripawds at the Madison pawty and moms too! Wish we could have been there, especially to get in on all of that cheese – from Wisconsin no doubt! It’s also great to meet Angel Harley’s brother Toby and to know that all the other spirit tripawds were there with you pawtying down!

  3. Gerry says –

    It was so great that you, Zuzu, and Toby could come to my pawty! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Mom did mention she was really impressed with just how jolly you were Holly. You were full of tripawd power on Saturday!

  4. Loved all the pictures! 🙂 Looks like you all had such a fun time. I wish that I lived out there so I could join in too!!

    Angel Jake and Wolfie’s Mom

  5. I can’t think of anything better than a Tripawd Pawty and Wisconsin cheese. Yum!

    Thanks you guys for getting together and rockin’ the world with Tripawd love. You rock!

  6. Looks like a great time. Would love to have a get together like that here in OH. Ditto on the greatness of cheese–is there anything it doesn’t make better? Thanks for sharing your pics.

    Tripawd Ruby & Daisy’s mom

  7. What fun! I hope someone comes up with a teleportation device so that Jack and I can actually go to a party one of these days 🙂 Holly, you are one fluffy dog! I bought a pair of wheaten socks the other day, just because you are the cutest breed ever 🙂 Glad everyone enjoyed themselves!!

    <3 Laura and Jackers

  8. WOWSA! What a great time you guys must have had!

    And to be in Cheese Heaven must have been marvelous, Holly! (did you send me any?)

    That Gerry’s mom really knows how to throw a good pawrty! (even if she invites interlopers like ZuZu!)

    Count me in on the next one! (I wished.)

    – Comet

  9. Oh what fun you guys all had!! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing the joy!

    A beautiful day, good friends, ice cream and cheese. Perfect.

  10. Wow – they sure know how to party in Wisconsin. Tripawds, cheese and Zuzu too – does it get any better? I think not!

  11. You’ll have to excuse me for being a little slow. I’m going through some of the blogs today and adding bookmarks so I will visit more often. That pawty looks like a great time!

  12. Nice picts of the tripawd reunion and all the Tripawd spirit with the bandanas!

    My grandma donated to the tripawd website in honor of Chloe and requested a Tripawd Bandana! It will be coming as part of my birthday present (even though it is for Chloe) and so she will have it Saturday (9/18) when she comes up to live with me!!!

    -Chloe’s mom

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