Holly’s 1 Year Ampuversary!!!

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Today, 12/29/2010, is Holly’s 1 year ampuversary!!  We are celebrating big time here, and hope that all you tripawds out there will get extra treats to help Holly celebrate!  As you can see, Zuzu and Holly are both very jolly today!

Thank you to all of our friends – your kindness and support through this past year have meant the world to us! Today we will be lighting a candle for the angels who share this important day with us – Angel Teyha and Angel Cherry, and a candle for all the other tripawds who have crossed the bridge.  You have all inspired us more than you can imagine.


PS – a BIG thank you to Grandma Kay (Comet’s and Monkeybutt’s Grandma) for the beautiful tripawd quilt!  It even has Holly’s favorite color – pink trim!!!  And pink pawsprints!

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17 thoughts on “Holly’s 1 Year Ampuversary!!!”

  1. In all deference to Handle we sing:
    Holly-Zuzu, Holly-Zuzu, Holly-Zuzu, Holly-Zuzu, Holly-Zuzu ….
    Well you get the point. This is truly a day for celebration. We have been holding our breath waiting for this big moment, knowing that it would be comming, but always respective of the issues you faced to get here. Take the time to reflect on just how far you have come, and how much of an inspration this is to everyone just starting this journey.
    Spirit Cherry & Dad

  2. Holly looks just beautiful! My oh my, Zuzu is getting big.

    Happy 1 year Ampuversary Holly. This is a special day indeed and one that we will proudly celebrate with you. I asked Fortis what he wanted and he loudly shouted YAMS. So yams it is in honor of sweet Jolly Holly 🙂

    Happy Amuversary,

    Fortis and Brett

  3. Congrats on your special day – we will celebrate along with you here in Pontiac, with extra treats of course. Glad to see that Holly’s jollyness is rubbing off on Zuzu.

  4. Congrats, congrats, Holly! Beautiful pictures of you and your (big) little sister!

    Enjoy. You’ve come a long, long way!

  5. Holly, congrats on your big day!!! You go sista!!!

    We shall have extra treats this week in your honor, Hoppy Ampuversary!

    How did get those 2 to pose for all those pictures? Did you use duct tape or glue?

    Shelby, the P.P. and the chauffeur

  6. Oh JHBG!
    I’m just so darned excited about your 1 year ampuversary! Wow! It was a whole year ago??

    I love your pink Granny Kay blanket! It’s so YOU!

    Hey what is up with our moms making us pose with our monkeydog siblings???!! It’s not right! I’m gonna put my paw down and demand no more monkeydogs in my photos!

    I digress…

    Happy Ampuversary!

  7. Oh Holly, my momma just lit a candle for your celebration! And I can put aside my anti-tripawd hat for just a moment to say, Hooray! You deserve a pig pawty! My mom let me have a whole pig nose to celebrate, so thank you. Tonight is your night….but, tomorrow belongs to…..THE MONKEYDOGS! Right Zuzu?
    PS. Zuzu, you look like a whiter version of ME! It is like looking at my own reflection…you are surely my soul-sister. I seriously wish my Pop would have let my mom name me Zuzu, too or two. Cause now my mom has started calling me Mattmatt…sheesh. Pawrents, right? – Monkeyface Mattie ‘er, I mean Mattmatt.

  8. Oops. I meant a “big” pawty, not a “pig” pawty….I guess that pig nose was kinda overtaking my thoughts…tee hee.

  9. Thanks, everypawdy! I had a great day yesterday, full of treats and special stuff. Everytime I gave my mom kisses her face got wet – what’s up with that? And Mattie – I think a pig pawty sounds pawseme! Maybe we should have one for our next celebration!!

    Holly Jolly by Golly

  10. Oh Holly Jolly – happy 1 Year ampuversary!! This is an incredible day and your mom must be so proud of you! This calls for a huge celebration filled with lots of loving and treats and cheese and everything your heart’s desire. We will be celebrating with you and know what a very special day it is.
    Lots of golden hugs coming your way.

  11. Hey Holly,
    Happy, happy, happy one year ampuversary, (and only a day late!).
    It sounds like you had a great day, here is to many many more!

    Karen and the Pugapalooza

  12. Wishing your many many more wonderful celebrations!
    The photos are wonderful- so Holly and Jolly!

    Mom to Spirit JD and quadpawds Serena and Maya

  13. Make sure you keep that blanket all to yourself. You are under no obligation whatsoever to share it!! You’ve earned it.

    Congrats on your big day. We’re going to celebrate here (even though it’s a few days late) with naps and cheese and ice cream. Yum!!

    Lincoln’s Mom

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