Holly Jolly by Golly – crossed the Rainbow Bridge

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted…. for those old timers who remember Holly Jolly by Golly, she regained her 4th leg and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on July 17, 2014. She was my miracle dog – she made it 4.5+ years after her amputation, which was Dec 29, 2009. She was always a source of inspiration and continued giving her Wheaten kisses up until the end. My heart is so heavy as I type all of this…

The cancer never returned in Holly. She started going downhill this spring, although retained her happy go lucky attitude. Her walks, which she always loved, got shorter and shorter each week until we were just going a few houses down our short block. She stopped eating the Sunday before she left me. The vet ran x-rays and bloodwork and said there was no sign of cancer, although her trachea was bent and they thought there could have been a mass or an enlarged lymph node causing that. They also suspected pancreatitis from what they saw in her bloodwork. She was a trooper until the end and she is sorely missed.

She went peacefully in my arms in our backyard. Zuzu the monkeydog misses her terribly, although she is hard pressed to admit it.

Many thanks to all the fellow tripawds who helped us on our journey. I am hoping that somehow Holly’s story may help some who are just starting this journey. We never thought she would survive more than a year… and she was still hopping on 3 legs 4.5 years later! Each day with Holly was a gift and a blessing! I will always be thankful for finding this site and all of the encouragement we received, especially during those first few months.

Hugs from Angel Holly, Zuzu and Susan

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4 thoughts on “Holly Jolly by Golly – crossed the Rainbow Bridge”

  1. Well, I’m an old-timer here, and I do indeed remember Holly! A very sweet girl who was starting her journey just as my boy’s journey was coming to an end. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your girl, but what an inspiration she will be to those who are just starting out and reading her story! Three and a half years! Amazing! Thank you for sharing your sweet Holly with us! I remember everyone who began their Tripawd journey while we were in the midst of ours, so trust and believe that your girl won’t ever be forgotten.

  2. Thanks for coming back and letting us know Susan. Holly had her amp while Maggie was still around, I guess that makes me an old timer!
    I’m so sorry Holly crossed the bridge. She beat cancer, that is so cool, but it is little consolation in the early days of loss. Holly’s story of survival will be an inspiration for those who come after.

    Karen and Spirit Maggie

  3. Ohhh Susan, I was so sad to see this in the forums, but so grateful you let us know. I understand completely how much it hurts your heart to make this announcement, but I do hope that you realize how much inspawration and hope you are giving others by letting them know that Holly BEAT THE ODDS! What an amazing life you gave to her, and what life-changing gifts she gave to you and everyone who she touched.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to be a part of your journey, it’s been a true honor. May Holly’s spirit stay strong and light up the sky, now and always.


  4. So sorry to hear of Holly’s passing but hopeful that others will know 4.5 yrs IS possible. So grateful that Holly had a loving place to live and also to have a peaceful passing in the arms of those who loved her. Thank you for sharing her story and thank you for being a wonderful pawrent.

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