The Purple Dinosaur visits Holly

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Everyone’s been wondering how Barney survived his jump into the river in Pontiac, IL while visiting Ginger…  Well, Zuzu and I were walking along one day and look who jumped out at us…

Barney emerges in Clarendon Hills after jumping into the river in Pontiac, IL
Ginger sent along a box of Barney’s belongings for his stay with us.  She included some yummy pupcorn that we ate while we watched the Barney video.
Ready to watch the Barney video. Zuzu can't wait to get her teeth on the purple beast!
Zuzu was trying to fool Barney by sharing her pupcorn with him.  I said “No way!  I’m not sharing with that purple dinosaur!”.
Mom said we were really obsessed with Barney’s feet.  We kept telling her they smell like fritos!  We’re thinking Barney picked that up when he was in Alaska visiting Opie.  We know Opie was here with us as we tried to finish Barney off!
Whadya think? Fritos?
Definitely fritos
Zuzu became obsessed with Barney.  She tried to finish up what Ginger started by chewing on his eyes.
Yum... eyeballs! Almost as good as poo.
Being the more mature, older woman… I was more covert.  I didn’t do external damage – oh no! – I did what terriers do best.  I shook him to within an inch of his life.  Barney’s brains are now officially scrambled.  But Zuzu and I were not able to wipe that silly grin off his face.  But know this, fellow tripawds…. there is nothing behind that grin because Barney’s brains are mush after his visit with me!!!
We did our best to lose him in a maze at the local Arboretum.  We’ve decided he must be part cat – he definitely has at least 9 lives…
Help! Can anyone hear me?
He emerged in some sculpture…
I had to give him one last shaking before he leaves… and mom made me take a “nice” photo – yuck!! (notice the mittens – they will help to keep him constrained.  He kinda looks like FrankenBarney now).
Ok... get ready you purple dinosaur you!
Now we’re all wondering where Barney will end up next???

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13 thoughts on “The Purple Dinosaur visits Holly”

  1. LOL! good puppies! Get that Bad Barney dinosaur, bad barney is sneaky indeed…
    Great idea with the mittens, except that maybe he can hide his fingerprints now, stealthy, very very stealthy. How did he escape Zuzu? They looked so determined…
    Elizabeth and Sammy

  2. Uh, oh…the Shaken Barney Syndrome may be a brand new discovery. Seriously, Holly, I can’t believe you didn’t finish him off for good….he’s like 10 cats, because he seems to have 90 lives, not just nine.

    Sneaky dinosaur.

    Lincoln and Rhonda

  3. geesh, scrambled brains doesn’t sound very appetizing…. glad you guys gave him ‘what for’, maybe his next host will finally finish him off!!! love the mittens….is he headed for the frozen tundra????? ooh, we can’t wait to see where he ends up…

    zuzu, have you pooped orange yet????

    gayle & charon

  4. I thought for sure that Zuzu would rip out Barney’s eyeballs and pull his scrambled brains out through the holes where his eyeballs had been! That Barney is sure tough!

    Nancy and JAMES the poodle

  5. SSBS – Shaken Sneaky Barney Syndrome – love that!! That would have been cool if Zuzu could have pulled scrambled brain out of Barney’s eye sockets! 9 lives indeed!!!! bwahahaha

    Gayle and Charon – sorry about Gayle’s juju socks ! Zuzu sure thought they were tasty! And she can use all the juju she can get. She hasn’t pooped orange yet – but sometimes she eats it up so fast we can’t tell. (where’s that green faced smiley when I need it!!).

  6. OK. Seriously, I don’t understand it. How on earth did he get out of his cement shoes? I sure hope Comet isn’t mad at me for not finishing the job, but I really thought I did everything I possibly could. Personally, I will always think the original Barney died in the Vermillion River, and this new Barney must be an imposter. But, if this is the real Barney, then I should have known drowning wouldn’t work after he held his breath for so long when I tried to suffocate him. No matter what this Barney imposter is, I am glad that Holly and ZuZu have given him the runaround. Good job, girls!!

    – Ginger

  7. Oh! He’s alive!????? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Ginger, I just knew you had done him in! It was a valiant effort, though! Maybe the cement shoes slipped off when his stuffing feet got wet?

    Holly, I knew you couldn’t kill Barney because, well …your Jolly Holly by Golly! And I could never be mad at you! But I know you “sorta” wanted to kill him and that’s all that matters with you! You are Jolly Holly by Golly and you could never be Holly the Horrible!

    But take note to other tripawders, Cometdog will not let you off the hook – where ever he ends up next – you better kill him or die dying!!!

    CC Comet

  8. That Barney sure is one tough Dinosaur. I say send him to Siberia. Dinos don’t like the cold.

    Love the photos……..Holly and Zuzu are just adorable!

    Fortis and Dad

  9. And so he survives some more chewing and shaking.

    Great pictures of you and Zuzu, Holly. I know you guys gave it your best shot but seriously, I think we all may just have to face the fact (sorry, Comet) that Barney is simply invincible. 🙂

  10. Way to go Holly – shakin’ the brains til they were scrambled eggs!!! I think that’s pretty close to finishing him off, don’t you think? And gouging out the eyes by your little sister? Brilliant! I think I have to agree with Carmen though that this purple dinosaur with the 9 lives sure is invincible. Hey we’ll just have to call him the purple catosaur from now on.

    But you did good, Holly, real good and we’re very proud of you!! 🙂

  11. YAY for Holly, but especially Zuzu…cause I know doodles and doodles are excellent destuffers! And guess what my mom discovered the other night pups? She says that I have the best-smellin’ movie popcorn feet ever. Opie was definitely a Frito-foot, but I had to be different. My feet smell like warm buttered popcorn. MMMMmmmmmm. That’s why I like to lick them sometimes.
    My mom is really happy that Barney is still alive. WTHeck? Is she crazy? Death to purple reptiles!

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