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Happily living life on 3 legs


Happy dog, Happy days

March 22nd, 2010 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

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Holly’s back to her old self again!  We had some snow on Saturday – the peeps in the house woke up and said “yuck – more snow”.  Holly woke up and said “cool! more snow!”.  She went outside and made tons of snow angels in the yard – rolled all over the place. It was hilarious to watch her!

And the house is once again covered in her toys.  When we sit down and talk over dinner, she grabs a squeak toy and squeaks it – kind of like she’s joining in the discussion.  She’s once again living up to her nickname – Jolly Holly. Yay!

And thanks to Comet for Holly’s cool new banner for her blog – I hadn’t yet figured out how to do that and Comet came up with one for her!  So now she’s not so generic anymore. Thanks, Comet!

Holly won’t have chemo for 2 more weeks – her schedule would be for next week, but lucky for her (and us!) it’s her sister’s spring break so we’re going away.  Her next chemo will be 4/6.  We’ll see how she does with that before deciding to continue with more chemo.  Her vet thinks she should get 6 – he thinks she’s been doing well.  But he also knows he’s not seeing her day to day when it hits her.  So we’ll take this one day at a time.  Hey! We’re getting better at that all the time now! 🙂

Happy Spring!

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9 Comments so far ↓

  • Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    The banner is too cool!

    We woke up to snow here this morning. Blech. Arghh. Human dance of frustration.

    Catie loves it. Riley loves it. Go figure.

    Very pleased that Holly is back to her old self. That’s wonderful! Banner or not, it doesn’t sound to me that Holly’s ever been generic 🙂

  • maggie

    LOVE the banner, Holly 🙂 So glad to hear you’re doing well and loving the snow..guess someone needs to love it! I don’t ! 😉


  • admin

    Hooray for Holly, and for cometdog … Mod Pawd to the rescue!

  • Kami (Mackenzie's Mom)

    Love the new banner! So glad that Jolly Holly is doing so well and back to her old self again. It’s funny how once the first week or so goes by after chemo, there’s this new found energy. That’s how it’s been for Mackenzie too. It’s great to see.

    Ok – I won’t make you all jealous and tell you what the temps have been like here in LA (well, if you must know – 80+ degrees on average for these last few days. ) It’s sooo nice! But enjoy the snow while you can and spring will be here before you know it :).
    Yea for happy days and Holly feeling better!

  • cometdog

    It is a happy day that my little Holly BFF is feeling better! Now we can get back to the business at hand (Shhhh – I’m a covert mission so I can’t say anymore).

    G-I-R-L POWER! Us, middle-aged gal pals have to stick together! Plus, we needed more pastels!

    Cool Colorful Comet!

  • Peyton's Path

    We noticed the new banner first thing-cool! Good job Holly and Comet it looks great!

    Glad to hear Holly Jolly is back! We love to hear about our tripawd friends feeling good!

    Dillon and Rhys

  • Opie

    Saw-wheat banner! Hooray for Holly feeling better. Ya just can’t keep a good terrier down for long.

  • cometdog

    ********INTER-OFFICE MEMO*********

    Holly will be on a mission the week of March 29th and will be out of the office.


  • anyemery

    Yes… I’ll be with my friend Ernie the yellow lab. We’ll be studying squirrels from his back porch while the rest of my family is on spring break, whatever that is. All I know is that when my mom says “take a break” it’s time for me to pee. Do humans only do that once a year?

    I’ll report back next week with what Ernie and I have learned about squirrels! And Ernie may have some ideas on dealing with MB, too. There’s a C-A-T at Ernie’s house, too! Oh, and I almost forgot – Monday is my 3 month ampuversary! I think my mom will post a shout-out before we leave.

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