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No chemo today

March 2nd, 2010 · 14 Comments · Uncategorized

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Holly was scheduled for her 3rd chemo treatment today.  We got a call from the vet this morning telling us her white blood cell counts were too low so we need to put it off for a week.  Her counts were 1073 – he said the low end of normal is 3000 and they want them to be at least 2000 before chemo.  So we’ll do another blood test on Monday and if all looks good then her 3rd chemo will be the next day.

The good news is that no one told Holly that something’s not quite right.  She ate breakfast and dinner with some enthusiasm today, and was good at performing her jobs around the house – she barked at the mailman, barked at a dog walking down the street, chased a squirrel out of the yard, and monitored cheese drawer activity.  We even played a rousing game of “where’s mommy?” (she gets some cheese everytime she finds me – no wonder she loves this game!)  She gave me lots of kisses, and her tail was at “full mast” most of the day – all good signs, I know.  I just hate it that this awful disease comes along and one little call makes you remember that all is not completely right inside even though all the external signs are awesome. Sigh.  So I enjoyed all the little kisses I got today, and she got some extra scratches behind her ears and extra treats.  With a 2 day celebration of her ampuversary and now another day of extra treats and scratches and rubs, I think she may think this is now the way to live her life!

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  • GerrysMom

    Way to go, Holly! You’re takin’ great care of your mom – distracting her from worry. (You learned how from her, right?) Having to postpone a chemo is a bummer, but you obviously know its no big deal.

  • Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    Bummer is right; more for mom than Holly I’m sure, since Holly doesn’t suffer from pre-treatment anxiety. I know exactly how you feel about the little reminders that everything’s not totally ok. Hang in there. Best wishes.

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    Maybe it will be good for Holly to get a longer break in between her treatments for this round. You just never know. The last treatment Mackenzie had, it was 4 weeks from her previous treatment (they like to do it every 3 weeks) and we noticed that she seemed to do better with the longer break (was able to rest up longer and build up her strength more.) I know it’s not ideal and it is a bummer to get this kind of call but since she seems to be doing so well otherwise, it’s probably going to be all ok. We’ll be keeping our paws crossed for you!

  • cometdog

    J. Holly,

    Methinks the vet had a golf game scheduled and is putting you off until next week and came up with some cockamamie low blood count story!
    Plus, he can bill mommy for another blood test – cha-ching! (I got it all figured out!)

    You don’t feel sick, do you? Nope. I didn’t think so.

    So, when you “find mommy” remind her that you are a tough gal and she’s all worked up over nothing! Mommies freak-out easily and I, too have to remind mine all the time – TAKE A CHILL PILL, mommy!


    Alrightly then. Now, go get to work – we got lots to do!

    CCC – O-U-T

  • maggie

    Holly sounds well on the “outside” 🙂 Keep your chin up – she’ll bounce back with her WBC!

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  • Tehya's Mom

    Hi, somedays I just hate to open this website. I know it is just a little set back for Holly and that she will continue to do well for a long time to come she has such a great spirit. I hear you though I too get freaked out when you hear the least thing bad! I am trying so hard to think pawsitive and enjoy every day!

    Sending hugs and licks to you both!
    Tehya and her Mom (Darlene)

  • anthncarole

    I just want to say Holly is a sweet girl and it gives me hope reading how she’s back to herself. Thank you for sharing.

  • cometdog

    I’m just checking on my favorite terrier to see if you’re still feeling good!
    (paw fingers crossed!)

    Founder & Leader of the AMBF!

  • anyemery

    Hi Comet!

    Thanks for asking – I’m doing pretty well. Mom started a new blog entry yesterday, but then never finished it up. I’ve been feeling great this week – mom and I have taken a few long walks with old friends. But I’m getting bored with regular dog food, so today I’m trying to see if I can get extra special food by not really eating… and so far it’s working pretty well. She keeps upping the ante – at lunch she added some salmon to my breakfast and I finally gave in… the smells were just to good to pass up! I ate most of my breakfast, but then decided if I licked the bowl clean she’d stop worrying about me and I might not get such good treats this afternoon and for dinner. What do you think? A good plan?

    Hey, I hear Myia is up for keyboard for the AMBF band! Awesome! Any other takers out there – we still need a bass and some singers/jumpers to join me on backup!

    How are you doing? Mom was saddened by news of our newest angel tripawds this week… I keep giving her kisses and doing goofy things to make her laugh, though. I think she’ll do a blog later today on how goofy I was in the snow yesterday. She took some embarassing pictures that I hope don’t turn out!

  • Opie

    Keep it up, Holly girl. MMMmmmmm salmon….I think your plan is pawesome. maybe I will try that, except that I am a real chow hound and I have never not eaten my food. I don’t have very much self control. Well….. one time it was because of the tapeworms…You should have seen my mom freak out when she discovered that I had them. Aaaaghghghahahahahahahah! it was sooooo funny. Jeez. What did she expect? She caught me eating that dead grouse in the woods. Sheeesh. People are crazy.

    Comet, what’s the MB been up to? I’ll ask again on my blog page. Opie

  • anyemery

    Haha hahaha – that is pretty funny, Opie! People are crazy – my mom included. She got all worked up over my wbc’s being low last week. What are wbcs’s? Do they have to do with treats? They must – after she found out mine were low she started giving me more treats. So I’m secretly hoping that when I go back tomorrow to get my wbc’s checked again that they’re still low so that I need more treats again this week. It worked out great last week!

    Hey Comet – tell us some more Monkey Butt tales!
    Holly Jolly By Golly

  • cometdog

    Oh HJ by G or is it JH by G ?,

    I’m ecstatic that you are feeling great!
    I told you it was a big sham! Did you hear that noise?… It was you mom swiping her debit card at the vet’s office!!!!!

    PU-WEE on salmon! And for breakfast?!!?! That has gag written all over it! Of course, I’ve never eaten it but it just sounds gaggy. Don’t listen to Opie, he can walk outside and get salmon for free! If he really wanted salmon, he’d already have it!
    Now, give me a fresh glazed donut and I’ll do a jig…!

    I know I’ve been lax on my Monkeybutt stories. Something is happening around here…I can’t quite explain it. I’m having to give it a lot of thought and it’s boggling my mind.
    He’s been nicer to me. It may be some master plot he’s devised! Did any of you tell him of our plan?
    Last night, he laid down at 830pm. He normally doesn’t ever sleep! And he wasn’t sick! He knows I hate the shenanigans after 9pm but it’s never stopped him before!
    But then again, he did tear up my new stuffie toy a little earlier that mom was hiding. He found out about it and tried to climb the bookcase to get it. Mom gave in.

    SEE! Look what he’s done to my mommy! I even caught her a couple of times smooching on him!
    Do you think she still loves me? Or has he brainwashed my mommy?
    My head hurts from thinking so much…

  • anyemery

    Hey Cool Cat Comet! I’d be wary of MB being nice. It could be a trap!!! I didn’t breathe a word of our plan, so I’m not the leak. I’m sure your mommy still loves you – how could she not??? No matter how cute MB may try to make himself, you are the cutest… and need I even mention the coolest… dog in the house. MB would need to wear a Comet mask to have anyone think he’s as pawsome as you are!!!

    Maybe an alien came and took MB and left an alien in his place! Yes – that must be it!!! Stay on guard for when MB returns!

    JHBG (or HJBG – i forget. my head hurts from trying to figure out MB)

  • cometdog

    Thank you HOLLY G!

    I’s feel better now!
    Ol’ monkeybut for sure is just doing a fake-out!
    He took my favorite tennis ball last night! (well, honestly I have about 32 of them laying around the house) BUT STILL! The tennis balls all belong to me! He doesn’t have any retriever in him, just monkeybutt! He taunted me and taunted me until I snatched it from him! Well, he gets right in my face and does that shrill, fingernails on a chalkboard bark! Mommy wasn’t looking so I gave him a little nipper! AND GUESS WHO WAS BACK?!! Yeah, that nasty-faced evil mutt with an ugly monkeybutt!!!!
    I had an AHA moment! He’s tricking mommy into thinking he’s a swell little guy. But I got him to show his true side! Mommy even saw it! Oh then he rolled over like he didn’t mean it when mommy looked! But we all know he did mean it!

    It’s about nap time HG, gotta run…

    The coolest of all COMETS!


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