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A rainy day in Chicago…

March 7th, 2010 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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Holly continues to let me know that she thinks she’s doing awesome.  That puts a big smile on my face… sometimes I have to remind myself that she doesn’t care that her white blood cell counts are low, or whatever!  Thanks for all the encouragement after my last post… it helps to have all of you here.  We’ll stay pawsitive for this week’s blood work, and hope for the best.

Anyway, when I started writing this (yesterday!) we were having the 4th really nice day here in Chicago.  We walked into town to mail some letters, and stopped at the little dog store (where Holly loves to stop since they have yummy grain free treats!).  Then we played in the backyard for awhile – Holly kept laying down in the snow and she looked so funny!

Feeling frisky in the snow!

Needless to say, laying down in the snow would never sound appealing to me… but what do I know?  She was rolling around in it yesterday, and throwing herself all over it and basically being goofy.  It was hilarious!

Today is a rainy day, better for napping than taking a walk.

The squirrels have been really active in our yard.  It could have something to do with the sunflower seeds we put out for them so that Holly would have some entertainment as she looks out the doors.  🙂  She likes to watch the “nature channel” alot – and this way there’s something fun for her to watch.  But today even they’re taking a nap… think we’ll head back to the couch for a nap!

Holly:  boy, I thought she’d never walk away from that computer so I could let you all know how I’m really doing.  I’m doing great!  I just like to worry mom a little since it usually translates to more treats.  And that worked out for me big time last week!  I’m also learning that if I want a little more affection, then all I have to do is stay quiet for awhile and she’ll give me lots of attention.  Sometimes that’s hard with all the pesky squirrels in the backyard, though.  And my family is always going into the big, cold cheese box in the kitchen, so I usually have to go investigate who’s eating all my cheese!  So sometimes my plan goes a little haywire when I lose my head and jump up to investigate stuff.  But that also works out, since I usually get cheese when someone opens the big cheese box! 🙂  (that’s me when I’m eating cheese)

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6 Comments so far ↓

  • janeothejungle

    Hooray for nap days! and, okay, for snow days, too!! Glad to hear you felling frisky and working the system!! Keep on truckin girl!

    Luvs, Rosie

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    Hi Holly – you are so adorable in the snow and you look so happy! We’re so glad that your mom isn’t so worried about you and that she’s smiling big. You definitely have her number with the treats and affection and all….keep up the good work!
    Lots of snow kisses coming your way!

  • Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    Goofy Holly angels in the snow! Sweet.

    Catie and Riley have supersonic hearing when it comes to opening the cheese box. As quiet as I am – I feel like a thief in my own house – they hear that teensiest rustle from the most distant spot in the house and there they are.

    They insist that I share.

    Here’s hoping for a happy week and good results with your blood work.

  • Tehya's Mom

    Holly you are too darn cute in the snow! I hope that you continue to have many more fun days!

    Darlene & Angel Tehya

  • cometdog

    Holly G –

    Me likey the new photos!

    Comet, the Cooooool Cat!

  • Peyton's Path


    Glad you got to steal the computer from your Mom! We like to know what is really going on since our pawrents are crazy! Don’t let your Mom read your blog because she will know you are just acting to get more treats 🙂 !

    Cool pictures in the snow! You are pretty in pink!

    Dillon and Rhys

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