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3rd round of chemo today

March 9th, 2010 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

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Holly’s white blood cell counts were back up this week!  Yay!  They went up to over 7,000 so the vet and oncologist said she was ok to resume chemo.  So she had her 3rd chemo treatment today.  They cut the dose by 10% to be on the safe side.  And she’ll be getting Metoclopramide for the next few days to hopefully help with the nausea she experienced last time.  We’re keeping fingers and paws crossed that all goes well.  She’ll have her blood work checked again next week just to be sure, and if it’s too low they’ll start her on antibiotics.

Holly, of course, has been true to her name today – Jolly Holly.  She was so excited to go in to see her friends at the vets – of course to get the treats they all give her.  A treat to stay on the scale to be weighed.  (hey – I might not mind the scale so much if I got treats when I went to the doctor and had to be weighed!)  A treat from the vet tech who gives her chemo (who she adores!).  More treats from the ladies at the desk.  She was true to form and gave the vet tech kisses all the way through treatment.  And then barked at every dog we passed on our way home.

So… for now she’s doing great.  She even licked her bowl clean tonight!  And armed with some meds to counter the nausea, I’m optimistic that this round will go better than the last round. 🙂

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  • janeothejungle

    Yeah Jolly Holly!! Good luck with this round and work that treat action for all it’s worth!! Sending happy healing thoughts your way!!

    luvs, Rosie

  • Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    Awesome, Holly!! Happy to hear all went well today and we’re sending lots of virtual treats and wishes that everything from here on goes just as well.


  • Peyton's Path

    Good optimism! Glad things are going well and you got another round of chemo! Keeping our paws crossed you won’t experience any sickness!

    Way to get spoiled at the vet office Holly! I think more of us should take lessons from the treat queen!

    Dillon and Rhys

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    Great to hear that Jolly Holly is doing so well! Must be such a huge relief. The doctors also reduced Mackenzie’s chemo dosage which seemed to make a big difference on her side effects. So I bet Holly will be doing much better this time. We will be keeping our paws crossed for Holly and that those treats keep on coming her way! Kami and Mackenzie

  • cometdog

    Hey My Buddy HOLLY! (heeheeheeheehee)

    By Golly, I told you that the vet’s office was shaking down your mom for more money! Next time, let me give your blood count!

    However, I’m really happy that you are feeling well. But that doesn’t surprise me because you are special friend forever. I got your little back! And I won’t let anything bad happen to you (with the help of your mommy)!

    Too Cool for Dog School –

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    Just checking in to see how Jolly Holly is doing after her chemo treatment. Hope this round went better than the last….thinking of little Jolly Holly and hope that she’s rolling in the snow and eating lots of treats….
    P.S. That Comet Dog too cool for dog school buddy of yours sure is funny!

  • anyemery

    Hi Mackenzie!

    Thanks for checking in on me! I’m doing pretty well. My appetite was off a little this week, but not as bad as last time. I didn’t like the pills mom gave me – even with peanut butter. So she had to resort to putting them down my throat, which I didn’t much like either. I’ve gotten pretty good at spitting out pills – I wonder if my sisters will let me participate in their cherry pit spitting contest this summer? 🙂 Mom kept telling me the pills would make my tummy feel ok, and I guess they did – I just don’t like pills! But I got lots of treats this week – lots of celebrations for tripawds – and my mom gives me treats for all of those.
    How are you doing? Comet makes me laugh, too! That always helps!
    Holly who’s still Jolly 🙂

  • anyemery

    Hey again, Mackenzie! You have a birthday coming up!! I can’t wait – cuz I know my mom will give me extra special treats for you! Maybe she’ll even let me have one of my favorite salmon ice treats! 🙂 I hope your mom gives you extra treats all week leading up to your birthday!

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    Hi Jolly Holly!
    We are so happy to hear that this round was a lot easier on you! I’m sure your Mom was so relieved and not as worried as before. Those pills – yea, I know what you mean. Have you ever tried Pill Pockets? It’s a great little treat that you pop the pill inside. I love these and will eat them every time. Lots of treats…that’s the ticket! I’ll have to try those salmon ice treats…those sound delicious.

    Thanks for the early birthday wishes! My mom is giving me extra treats but I still have to remind her all the time with my bark that I’m in need of more. She just doesn’t understand how much I love treats. I could live on treats alone if I had it my way (that’s why she calls me her Treat Monster).

    Glad that you are doing well and that you’ll get some extra special treats for my birthday! xoxo Mackenzie

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