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Happily living life on 3 legs



April 15th, 2010 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

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I love ice cream!  Tonight my family let me clean out the ice cream container.  My mom kept laughing – must be she was really enjoying her dish of ice cream.  I know I was enjoying mine!  Check it out…

Hard at work

OK - it was stuck on my head, but I figured out how to see again!

Boy does this taste good!

Ok – there were a few minutes where I couldn’t see at all and it was stuck on my head.  But I did figure out how to use my paws to get it off.  I’d say that’s really using my head!  There wasn’t a drop of ice cream left when I got through with that container!  Spirit Cherry sure knows what she’s talking about!

I hope everyone is getting yummy ice cream this week!

Always Holly Jolly By Golly

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  • cometdog

    WOW! Look at you, little one! That’s some serious ice cream eating! Plus, it’s the good stuff! No cheapy generic brand – your mom must really love you!
    Mommy gave me some whip cream the other day out of can but it was the fat free kind and I’m not sure I liked it as much as the full fat stuff! But of course, I ate it up!

    Now I’m hungry! I gotta go and see if I can get mommy to rummage around and find me something for dessert!

    Gotta go Miss J. H.!


  • anyemery

    Hey, Comet! Whipped cream sounds awesome, even if it’s the fat free kind. Tell your mom that I said you deserve some ice cream to go with that whipped cream, and maybe some nuts and cherries on top, too – you’ve been working so hard on AMBF lately and trying to round up some band members. Maybe we need to promise everyone ice cream if they’ll join the band! That could work!

  • Peyton's Path

    Way to use your head Holly! We love ice cream! Mom always buys us Frosty Paws for dogs! They have peanut butter flavored and it is delicious! Hopefully Mom will read your post and think to give us ice cream this weekend! Keeping our paws crossed!!

    Dillon and Rhys

  • Opie

    Mmmmmmmmm ice creeeeeam. I love any kind of ice cream. Too funny, Comet. My pop likes to squirt the whipped cream right into my mouth from the can. It makes him laugh at how I am so good at schlecking it up as fast as it flows from the can. Keep up the good work, Holly.
    PS Did you know that Alaskans eat more ice cream per capita than any other state? I think it’s cause I live here and I eat more ice cream than anyone in the universe!

  • Mackenzie's Mom

    I am laughing because today, for the first time, I got Mackenzie and Kobe those Frosty Paws that Dillon & Rhys are talking about and when I decided to buy them I thought of all the tripawds (in particular Spirit Cherry) who eat ice cream. And lo and behold, I read this and find that our none other than tripawd Jolly Holly is now joining the tripawd ice cream pack! Those are great pictures Holly and you look like you’re enjoying your ice cream so much! I’ll let you know how much Mackenzie and Kobe enjoy their ice cream treats (only these aren’t the real thing – but sssshh….don’t tell them that!)

  • anyemery

    Oh – I love Frosty Paws! My mom usually gets me those for birthday pawties (since she won’t let me have cake). Yum!

  • ldillon81

    Jack gets Frosty Paws in the summer, but he has never had real ice cream before. Maybe for his birthday on Monday I will take him to McDonalds for a cone 🙂 OOOO! or Ben and Jerry’s (its open for the summer already!). I usually don’t let him eat sugar, but hey, you only live once! (although sometimes with a second lease on life!). Today on our walk we passed a starbucks and a piece of scone may have gotten tossed to Jack with or without my permission. I can say, Jack likes sugar. I think ice cream is in our near future 🙂 And thanks for the photo guide on how to eat it!

    <3 Laura and JackJack

  • cometdog

    I was taking a nap and thought I’d wake up to read a bit and here you guys are over here talking desserts! I’m wide awake now! This is my kind of conversation! Oh, I love my sugar!

    Mommy says I’m the only sugar dog she’s ever known! I guess you guys can’t have donuts, but I love glazed donuts! When fresh donuts are in the house, I sit in the kitchen and guard them all night! You just never know if a crumb might fall off the counter top!

    She even makes me peanut butter cookies! Just for me! I sit and watch her! I hate when they have to cool down – the waiting kills me!

    O.P. I used to be a little afraid of the whipped cream can noise until I licked it! (I’ll try anything and usually like it!) Mommy will give me strawberries with my whip cream, too! I love fruit! She’s gets these little green apples and I could eat them by the dozen! She broke out some peanuts tonight – Oh those were good!

    I’m starved now! I could about talk food all the time!


  • Tehya's Mom

    Holly you are amazing! Imagine getting the container stuck on your head and being able to get it off with your front paws and having only one back leg to balance on! You are one amazing Tripawd.

    Your angel buddy Tehya loved ice cream too she always got treats from the Dairy Queen she really loved Carmel sundaes (sorry Mackenzie it was the real thing but you will never notice the difference I’m sure). Keep posting the pictures Holly you always bring a smile to my face!

    Darlene (Angel Tehya’s Mom)

  • Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    What are Frosty Paws?

    I need to know because Catie and Riley are bugging me for some.

    Great pictures, Holly! What an ice cream sweetie you are.

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